Truck Accidents

Commerical Truck Accidents

There’s nothing minor when it comes to commercial truck accidents and chances are you’ve been seriously injured. If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of being struck by a semi truck, 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer or any other commercial vehicle, then you need the winning advocacy from Mora Law. The Lonestar state is one of the biggest hubs for trucking and has five of the biggest names in the industry which are:

  • • Swift Transportation
  • • JB Hunt Transportation Services, Inc.
  • • A Truck Express, Inc.
  • • Central Freight Lines, Inc.

If you happen to cross paths with Texas’ well-known trucking corporations, you will need assistance from Mora Law who has ample experience handling such claims. These commercial trucking corporations have faced lawsuits and insurance claims before and their goal is to minimize victims’ recoveries and look out for their best interest. This isn’t their first rodeo, but it isn't ours either. We’ll provide your truck accident claim the winning advocacy it deserves!

Types of Accidents Involving a Semi Truck/Tractor Trailer

Since these trucks are built and designed in specific ways in order to withstand their hauls, that also means that there are specific accidents types as well. These accidents are:

  • • Jackknife
  • • Wide Turn Crash
  • • Lost Loads
  • • Rollover
  • • Tire Blowouts
  • • Blind Spot Accidents

More often than not the truck driver bears the weight of responsibility to prevent serious collisions as they’ve been taught proven driving techniques and proper judgment, but accidents happen when negligence abounds.

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