Slips and Falls

Slips and Falls

The main premise that validates a slip and fall claim is that the property owner must be proven to have been negligent. This means you and/or your attorney have the burden of proof. In the State of Texas, the second premise that validates a slip and fall claim is that the owner of the property owed you duty of care, breached this duty and therefore is responsible for your slip and fall accident. Ultimately, there are three items that need to be met legally for a slip and fall claim in Texas:

  • 1. You had the lawful right to be on the property
  • 2. The owner was negligent
  • 3. Owner’s negligence caused your slip or fall

If your Texas slip and fall claim meets these requirements give Mora Law a call or text and we’ll advocate for your much deserved personal injury recovery!

Who Can & Cannot Make a Slip & Fall Claim

Under Texas law, there are three different distinctions for the type of visitor under premises liability law:

  • 1. Invitee: Has permission by the property owner to be on the premise and your purpose on the property is for the owner such as entering an establishment as a customer
  • 2. Licensee: Has permission to be on the property by not by invasion of the owner, think of solicitors and salespeople.
  • 3. Trespasser: Does not have permission to be on the property and therefore is not owed duties of care. To recap, invitee and licensee are examples of distinctions that are legally eligible for financial recovery in a slip and fall claim and trespasser is not. The only loophole is if the trespasser was under the age of 18 at the time of the incident
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